Book & Lyrics by BRUCE JOEL RUBIN | Music & Lyrics by DAVE STEWART & GLEN BALLARD | Based on the Paramount Pictures film written by BRUCE JOEL RUBIN

Director: Joseph C. Walsh
Musical Director: Stephen Ferri
Choreographer: Lexie Frare

PAY: $398/week for AEA actors (LOA CONTRACT) (Pending Approval) | $1,000- $1,400 flat fee for non-union performers (based on role) + EMC Points

1st Rehearsal: On/About Sept. 25, 2017
Tech week: Oct. 7 – Oct. 12th 
Show Dates: Oct. 13-15, Oct. 19-22, Oct.  25-29
(3-4 performances/week for 11 total performances)


Equity Performer Auditions (EPA) by APPOINTMENT
Wednesday, September 6th: 12pm-8pm
White Plains Performing Arts Center
11 City Place White Plains NY 10601 (3rd floor)

*Please note all who attend the WPPAC call WILL be seen regardless of union status.

Auditions (Equity AND non-Equity) by APPOINTMENT
Thursday, September 7th: 10am-5pm
NOLA Studios (Studio 7)
244 West 54th Street, 5th floor (b/w Broadway & 8th)

Auditions (Equity AND non-Equity) by APPOINTMENT
Monday, September 11th: 10am-5pm
NOLA Studios (Studio 7)
244 West 54th Street, 5th floor (b/w Broadway & 8th)

See all appointment-making & preparation instructions below.


Seeking both AEA & Non-Union performers for GHOST: The Musical. We are seeking a MULTI-ETHNIC cast of men and women with fantastic singing voices who also act and move very well to play principal and supporting roles (breakdown below.) NON-TRADITIONAL CASTING is strongly encouraged.

Please note there is NO housing for this production.

Please see CHARACTER BREAKDOWN below for more information.


Rehearsals will begin in NYC then transfer to the venue for tech week. Rehearsals are within the 10am-6pm range USUALLY, but some nights may be scheduled throughout the process in place of days. Tech week will switch to evenings 5pm-11pm. Please bring any and all conflicts to the auditions and note that the rehearsals times may vary.


Adapted from the hit film by its Academy Award-winning screenwriter, Bruce Joel Rubin, GHOST: THE MUSICAL follows Sam and Molly, a young couple whose connection takes a shocking turn after Sam’s untimely death. Trapped between two worlds, Sam refuses to leave Molly when he learns she is in grave danger. Desperate to communicate with her, he turns to a storefront psychic, Oda Mae Brown, who helps him protect Molly and avenge his death.


Appointment-Making Instructions: For a 5-minute appointment, please call 914-328-1600, x18 (M-F, 11-5 pm) or e-mail with the DATE of the requested audition day in the subject line. DO NOT LEAVE A MESSAGE. Include name, phone #, approximate time you’d like to audition and union status.

Equity members without appointments will be seen throughout the audition day, as time permits. Once you have been given an appointment time, it will be confirmed by email along with very detailed driving and mass transit directions using Metro-North from Grand Central.

Video Submissions: Please note that we will accept video submissions from actors who can not attend the audition dates above. You must be available by the first week of rehearsal to be considered. Those who attend in person will be given priority for all roles. Videos must have you singing from the show with accompaniment.


Please prepare 16-32 bars from the show (preferred) OR contemporary Broadway songs in the style of the show/composer that can be fully interpreted with strong acting choices. Make sure the song shows vocal range! Must bring sheet music in the correct key. A piano accompanist will be provided but will not transpose. Charts are NOT acceptable, NO cd’s and NO unaccompanied singing.

Please bring a picture & resume, stapled back-to-back.


Because of the short, intense rehearsal schedule, we are open and interested in seeing performers who may have done the show before. But it is NOT a requirement.


Thursday, September 14. Callbacks are by invitation ONLY. Actors will be notified by email if they are expected to return for callbacks. Sides and music will be distributed before and at callbacks; please be as familiar with the show as possible if you are called back and be prepared to dance if asked. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE AVAILABLE FOR THE CALLBACK DATE LISTED! 


SAM WHEAT (Male, 25-30’s) 

Vocal Range: G# to Bb (Pop/Rock Tenor with high belt)

Sam is the hero of our story, a office-worker in New York City, living with his long-term girlfriend, Molly; one day Sam is murdered by Willie Lopez, and as a Ghost he seeks the help of a reluctant medium, Oda Mae, to protect Molly when Willie plans to strike again. This character needs to be a strong naturalistic actor and able to interact well with Molly, especially in the romantic scenes; needs to be confident in solo lines as the Ghost and have a New York accent; also needs to be able to move well. Should be very fit. Also, the ability to play guitar would be nice but not necessary. 

MOLLY JENSEN (Female, 25-30’s)

Vocal range: G3 to Eb5 (pop/rock with STRONG belt)

Molly is a artist living in New York City with her boyfriend, Sam Wheat, until he’s murdered and his ghost comes back to save her; definitely a strong actor; able to interact well with Sam and be convincing when playing the grief-stricken girlfriend; be confident in transition from in-love to broken-hearted while demonstrating a deep sense of strength and inner-peace which is disrupted by the tragic events of the play. *Role on offer 

ODA MAE BROWN (Female, 30-40’s) 

Vocal range: Ab3 to F5 

Oda Mae Brown works as a spiritual advisor out of a storefront séance parlor in Brooklyn; though she was told as a child that she had “the gift” by her mother and grandmother (who were both able to communicate with the dead), Oda Mae did not actually experience communication with the spirits until she “met” Sam Wheat during a séance for an unrelated client. Larger-than-life character and able to play for laughs but still have some sincerity and truthful moments; some “dancing” required, particularly in solos; however, this can be portrayed as comedic. African American.

CARL BRUNER (Male, 25-30’s) 

Vocal Range: Eb3 to A4

Carl Bruner is the main antagonist of the show and good friend and colleague of Sam’s; when Sam discovers there are discrepancies in some bank accounts, which actually is a money-laundering operation run by Carl, he orders his partner, Willie Lopez, to attempt to steal Sam’s security codes, which result in Willie killing Sam. Really strong actor and singer, who is able to play slimy businessman; needs to be able to transition from aggressive to slimy when seducing Molly; some physical theater work needed for transitions.

*Please note: The 6 Ensemble roles will understudy leading roles in this smaller casting. 

MAN 1: Subway Ghost/Orland Jones/Ensemble (Male, 20-30’s)

The Subway Ghost helps and teaches Sam to use his ghostly powers; he also thinks that the trains are his; aggressive “spooky” but within the realms of truthfulness; good physical actor required as well as physical character work experience.  Experience with rap is helpful.

MAN 2: Willie Lopez/Ensemble (Male, 20-30’s)

When Willie is introduced, he attempts to rob Sam’s wallet; this results in a fight, and Sam is killed; extremely masculine; intimidating in some way. Should be latino/mixed race.

MAN 3: Hospital Ghost/Lionel Ferguson/Ensemble (Male, 30-40’s)

Vocal Range: C3 to A4

The Hospital Ghost is one of the main ghosts Sam encounters, solo song and is usually played older but not 100% necessary; great actor and singer required, naturalistic with attitude to him while hiding his sadness. Will also double in other roles as listed.

WOMAN 1 (Molly US): Mrs. Santiago/Bank teller/Nun/Ensemble (Female 20’s-30’s) 

Fantastic Vocalist (should be able to understudy Molly).

WOMAN 2 (Oda Mae US): Clara/Ortisha Jones/Nun/Ensemble (Female, 20-40) 

Vocal Range: C4 to G5 (strong soulful belt)

Amazing vocalist, one of Oda Mae’s helpers at her séance parlor, comedic part and ideally African American/mixed race.

WOMAN 3 (Oda Mae US option 2): Louise/Officer Wallace/Ensemble (Female, 20-40)

Vocal Range: F3-G5

Amazing vocalist, one of Oda Mae’s helpers at her séance parlor, comedic part and ideally African American/mixed race.