About The Show

Victor Frankenstein is a Swiss scientist with a mission to create an artificial human. Without considering the consequences of such progress, he succeeds with terrifying results. Produced by Aquila Theatre Company.


“… a classically trained, modernly hip troupe…” | “…eclectically entertaining…” | “… ensemble precision, sensitivity and unity …” | “…an extraordinarily inventive and disciplined outfit…” | “…a high standard for charm and invention…” ~ The New York Times

“Unmistakable fun…” ~Los Angeles Times, headline

“… the versatile cast of eight, with actors in multiple roles … consistently command attention and admiration.” | “If energy be the food of Shakespeare, then Aquila Theatre Company of London serves up a smorgasbord…” ~ The Boston Globe

“Aquila’s productions are beautifully spoken, dramatically revealing and crystalline in effect.” | “The classics made relevant with superb acting and clever staging.” ~ The New Yorker

“…the Aquila company’s acting is among the best…” ~ Anchorage Daily News

“There is little doubt that The Aquila Theatre Company is one of the most inventive and daring theater companies in the country.” ~ The Lincoln Journal Star, Lincoln, NE

“This is the most exhilarating, inventive theater company that has put down roots here in many years.” ~ The American Reporter

“ … an energetic, inventive production …” ~ Time Out, London

“…hugely enjoyable and very funny.” ~ The London Times

“Using puppets, mime, music, and movement, the Aquila Theatre Company’s production is simply magical…” | “This half-American, half-British Aquila company production is a master class in acting” ~ Backstage

WPPAC hand picks and engages a variety of talented performers, bands, comedians, children’s theatre, dancers and self-contained acts like this one that have appeared elsewhere around the country.

  • Performance Date

    Friday, September 21

  • Performance Time

    11:00 am

  • Tickets

    Individuals: $14
    Groups (of 25 or more):
    $11 per person

    (prices subject to change)



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