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Furry Tails With a Twist is a tour de force filled with charm and energetic humor. Creative storytelling drives the action and the actors, and the audience partners in the tales. Follow the adventures of Sam and Alex, two bumbling actors trying desperately to present a few of the world’s most beloved fairy tales. Unfortunately, their script becomes seriously scrambled and they perform “Goldisocks and the Three Wolves”, “The Three Billy Trolls Gruff” and “The Three Little Bears” who end up battling the Big Bad Billy Goat to delay the decimation of their domiciles. In addition to entertaining with humor, slapstick and charm, Sam and Alex also guide the audience through the creative world of story structure, writing vocabulary and theatrical staging. It takes the whole audience to set the stories straight for Sam and Alex. In the end, both the actors and the audience have learned creative tale telling through these furry tails … er … fairy tales.

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    May 2019

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