Book by Claudia Shear and Tim Federle | Music by Chris Miller
Lyrics by
Nathan Tysen | Based on the book by Natalie Babbitt

Director: Amy Griffin | Musical Director: Stephen Ferri

NON-PAID. No EMC points available. No transportation or housing provided. Rehearses and performs in White Plains, NY. Actors cast may be given special consideration for future WPPAC Mainstage productions.

Rehearsals Begin: Week of June 16th or June 23
Production Rehearses: 4 Weekday Evenings and 1 Weekend Day: typically Tuesday – Saturday. Actors are only called when needed.
Technical Rehearsals: Saturday – Sunday, July 27 – 28 (10 out of 12), July 29 – August 1 evenings
Performance Run: August 2-4 and August 9-11


Non-Equity Performer Auditions (by appointment):

Tuesday • May 21, 2019 

6 PM – 9 PM at WPPAC in White Plains, NY

Thursday • May 23, 2019

6 PM – 9 PM at WPPAC in White Plains, NY

Callbacks: Thursday, May 30th in the evening. By invitation ONLY.

We will be hearing vocal auditions only. A dance call will be part of the callbacks. Please see casting breakdown and all appointment-making and preparation instructions below.

White Plains Performing Arts Center
City Center
11 City Place, 3rd Floor
White Plains, NY 10601.



Stage 2 @ White Plains Performing Arts Center is seeking a non-union, MULTI-ETHNIC cast of men and women to play principal and ensemble roles. ALL ETHNIC AND BODY TYPES WELCOME. Looking for strong actors, exceptional singers, and great dancers who have voices with passion, power and range, who move extremely well. All types and singing ranges encouraged to attend. All roles are open/available.

Exceptionally talented, rising high school juniors and seniors who are at least 16 years of age will also be considered. For Tuck Everlasting, girls who are at least 11 years old will be considered for the role of ‘Winnie Foster’.

Please see CHARACTER BREAKDOWN below for more information.


Created in 2014, STAGE 2 bridges the gap between the WPPAC Education Programs and Mainstage, giving college and community performers the opportunity to work in a regional theatre under the guidance of professional artists. While geared for those in college, any 18+ non-union actors are invited to audition. Exceptionally talented, rising high school juniors and seniors who are at least 16 years of age will also be considered. For Tuck Everlasting, girls who are at least 11 years old will be considered for the role of ‘Winnie Foster’.


What would you give for everlasting life? When Winnie goes looking for adventure and meets a family with a fabulous secret, their chance encounter will change them all forever. Based on the bestselling novel, this musical explores eternal love, never-ending life, and what it means to truly feel alive.


For a 5-minute vocal audition please go to:

to sign up for an appointment. When booking the appointment, please include name, email, phone #, and current university/graduating university. If applicable, please also include year of expected graduation or year graduated, if within the last two years. If under 18, please include name and contact information for a parent or guardian. Performers without appointments will be seen as time permits. Once you have selected an appointment time, it will be confirmed by email along with very detailed driving and mass transit directions using Metro-North from Grand Central.


Please prepare a brief vocal selection (approximately 32 bars) in the style of the show. Music from the show is welcome, but not required. Must bring sheet music in the correct key. A piano accompanist will be provided but will not transpose. Charts are NOT acceptable, NO cd’s and NO unaccompanied singing.

Please bring a picture & resume, stapled back-to-back.

Video Submissions: Please note we will accept video submissions from actors who can not attend the audition dates. You must be available by the first week of rehearsal to be considered for the show. Those who attend in person will be given priority for all roles. Videos must have you singing with accompaniment, ideally from the show. Send to


Thursday, May 30th in the evening. By invitation ONLY. Performers will be notified by email if they are expected to return for callbacks. Sides and music will be distributed before and at callbacks.


Winnie Foster (Female, 11+ to play 11 years old)
A little girl without cuteness. She has lost her father and is too skeptical for her age, but with an unknown longing for romance and adventure. Must sing very well and be a subtle actress with the ability to hold a stage; must have comic timing. No taller than 5 ft. Soprano (A3-E5)

Jesse Tuck (Male, 16+ to play 17)
The youngest of the Tuck family. Light and laughing, he is eternal youth writ large, the lightness shown all the brighter for the shadow of loneliness that he has. Tenor (F3-C5)

Miles Tuck (Male, to play 23)
Jesse’s older brother. A burned and bitter man, his natural sweetness shut away. He lost his wife and child and is doomed to live with regret. Baritenor (F3-C5)

Mae Tuck (Female, 40-50s)
Jesse’s mother. Still beautiful after all these years. A matriarch, a mother, a wife; her homespun wisdom is leavened by her humor and still girlish delight. Mezzo-Soprano (A3-E5)

Angus Tuck (Male, 40-50s)
Jesse’s father. Once awakened, a vibrant, virile man. He is an indulgent father, a fond if forgetful husband, but a true soul with a deep well of love and profound understanding of the life around him. Tenor (E3-B4)

The Man In the Yellow Suit (Male, 40-60s)
A nefarious leader of a traveling carnival, in search of the fountain of youth. Creepy and persuasive; a man with an obsession, a secret. Tenor (G3-B4)

Constable Joe (Male, 40-60s)
Head of the police force in Treegap. Seemingly a buffoon, his simple manner belies a sharp wit and kind heart. Tenor (F3-B4)

Hugo (Male, 16+ to play 17)
Constable Joe’s sidekick and son. Painfully shy, awkward, and goofy; but smart and eerily observant; his father (Constable Joe) knows this; the two of them have a routine that fools most of the people all of the time. Tenor (G3-C5)

Betsy Foster (Female, 30-40s)
Winnie’s mother; a gentle woman almost broken by grief and fear and loss; adversity finds her brave and unbending. Mezzo-Soprano (A3-E5)

Nana (Female, 50-70’s)
Winnie’s grandmother; a loopy old woman, but a loving grandmother and mother. Alto (A3-C#/Db5)

Character Roles/Singers/Dancers including: Carnie | Various Memories, Spirits, Travelers, Townsfolk, Carnival Workers, and Patrons

The chorus functions as the audience’s gateway into the past and future, representing the passage of time. The ensemble sings and dances as the physical expression of the joy and energy we all have when we are most alive and free. Should be strong singer/dancers.