Corporate Sponsorship at WPPAC

As a WPPAC Corporate Sponsor, you not only receive the direct benefits that we offer directly to our sponsors, but you will reap the rewards that the arts can provide a community. One needs to look no further than our own renaissance here in White Plains, NY. WPPAC was a critical element in bringing the city to where it is now, and we feel it is a huge component of pushing the city to where it can go from here.

Why Support the Arts?

(Property of the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies)

ECONOMIC DRIVERS: The arts create jobs and produce tax revenue. A strong arts sector is an economic asset that stimulates business activity, attracts tourism revenue, retains a high quality work force and stabilizes property values. The arts have been shown to be a successful and sustainable strategy for revitalizing rural areas, inner cities and populations struggling with poverty.

EDUCATIONAL ASSETS: The arts foster young imaginations and facilitate children’s success in school. They provide the critical thinking, communications and innovation skills essential to a productive 21st-century work force.

CIVIC CATALYSTS: The arts create a welcoming sense of place and a desirable quality of life. The arts also support a strong democracy, engaging citizens in civic discourse, dramatizing important issues and encouraging collective problem solving.

Contact JANE SIMONI, Director of Development at [email protected]